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How to Stay Cool in the Heat…. Coolspace Coolers

With temperatures rising every day, heat strokes and dehydration are a major on-the-job risk. When the human body is unable to maintain a normal temperature, heat illnesses can occur and may result in death. It is also important to consider that hot work environments may exist indoors.

31% of deaths that are from heat exhaustion are contributed to being exposed to excessive natural heat. Working in conditions without air conditioning through the hot Summer months can not only be uncomfortable, but dangerous.

At Standard Tools, we have a manufacturing plant and warehouse. The staff that work in those departments, do so without air conditioning. On days like today, where it is reaching into the high 90’s … we get concerned for heat exhaustion.

Some signs of heat exhaustion:

  • Confusion.
  • Dark-colored urine (a sign of dehydration)coolspace-16-2D-60Hz
  • Dizziness.
  • Fainting.
  • Fatigue.
  • Headache.
  • Muscle or abdominal cramps.
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

When body temperatures are rising, the best way to treat heat exhaustion is to provide a cooler environment and hydration. If you introduce fast cooling it can put the body in shock. Slow cooling is one of the most effective methods.

Some tips to prevent heat exhaustion:

  • Plenty of water, rest and shade, every 15 minutes. Make sure water fountains are properly working, also place water coolers in locations that the employees often gather like break rooms and meeting areas.
  • Gradually increase workloads and take more frequent breaks as you acclimatize, or build a tolerance for working in the heat.
  • Trained personal throughout the job site, someone who is knowledgeable of the causes and effects of heat strokes and what to do in case of emergencies.

If you know your employees are going to be exposed to high heat and temperatures take protective measures. We keep fans at all workstations and have several Coolspace portable evaporator coolers. They take water and as it evaporates into the fan, it blows cold air and helps to keep body temperature down. The Coolspace portable cooler fans are designed to cool up to 4,000 square feet with a single-speed drive motor. We also offer a three speed cooler fan and a smaller coolspace with a 2-speed direct motor for your garage and small shops.

Safety is top priority during the hot summer months for you, for your employees and your family.  Make sure they stay cool this Summer. Give us a call for your Coolspace evaporator cooler.



Body shop hazards Body shop hazards exist in every body shop. When body shops paint vehicles, the workers have to use a paint mixing station to get specific colors. There are many different types of chemicals present in materials such as primers, sealants, catalysts, hardeners, additives, pigments, solvents, and isocyanates (highly reactive, low molecular weight chemicals). Most of these substances are toxic, and exposure to them can be hazardous to health. Isocyanates are the leading cause of occupational asthma in the United States.

According to OSHA, workers in auto body shops are exposed to a variety of chemical and physical hazards. Chemical hazards may include paints, fillers and solvents from spray painting operations; silica from sandblasting operations; dusts from sanding; and metal fumes from welding and cutting. Continue reading BODY SHOP HAZARDS: MIXING PAINT

Rotisserie Auto Body Lift/Rotator

Tools USA sells Rotisserie For Car and Truck Frames.

Let’s face it; we are not getting any younger and our bodies tend to ache more than usual. People who work on cars have sore backs, well, all the time. Sure, there are dollies or carts that will slide you in and out… but you’re still on your back. Wouldn’t it be easier if the car’s under-body came to you?

TA-DA! Meet the auto rotisserie. It’s called a rotisserie because it spins the frame of the car around 360 degrees, just like a rotisserie chicken!

It’s a great value for an unbeatable price. For less than $1000, this is a must have for anyone restoring the body or frame of a truck or car. Frame restoration is made easy with this quality car rotator. Once the vehicle is lifted onto the rotisserie, it can be spun around a full 360 degrees for full access. It puts the person working on the vehicle in a comfortable upright or sit-down position to have full access for sanding, welding, and any other body work needed.

It is also much safer than working underneath a car that is on sitting on jack stands. Click here for more detailed information on the rotisserie we sell. 

  • Heavy-Duty balancing system.
  • Securely locks at any angle.
  • Two 6,600lb. capacity jacks to adjust working height.
  • Four 16″ mounting arms.
  • Three piece telescoping center bar adjusts to 25′
  • Six 3″ Phenolic resin swivel casters.
  • Lifting capacity 4,000 lbs.
  • Axle Steel Thickness 1/8″
  • Bracket Steel Thickness 1/4″
  • Adapter Arms are made out of 2 1/2″ square tubing that is 3/16″ thick
  • Height overall 77 1/8″
  • Length overall 258 1/4″
  • Width overall 58 7/8″
  • Lifting height 17 3/4″ – 45 1/4″
  • Net weight 378 lbs.

Have you ‘Visited’ your auto body shop lately?

Interior of Messy Car Repair ShopImproving Your Auto Body Shop & Increasing Your Profits
by: Tracy Beach

One of the things I like most about my job is that I get to see our products in action.  When I am visiting a shop to see specific products, I also get a perspective of processes and the overall professionalism of the shop. Over the past several months I have made several observations that seem obvious to a visitor but went unnoticed by the shop team that was there every day.  The following notes are not intended as ‘Duh’ comments, but as simple things that can make a shop more professional and profitable.

Warning: some of these are going to make you say, “Isn’t that obvious?” Yes, but in our everyday lives, not seeing what is obvious to a visitor can slow productivity, decrease quality and decrease safety.

Continue reading Have you ‘Visited’ your auto body shop lately?

Which air compressor is right for you?

Project2 (8155)For most shops, having an air compressor is a necessity. If you’re in the market for a compressor, make sure the air compressor you choose is the right one for your business and that it will meet all the requirements you need. With dozens of manufacturers to choose from, Tools USA only sells the most reputable and well-known brands. We stand by their products and they all have a 1-year parts warranty.

Whether you are going to use it occasionally or on a daily basis, there are several factors to consider. Tank size, configuration, horsepower and required CFM’s are important to think about.

Should you choose a vertical or horizontal unit? The configuration of the air compressor is important. Air compressor tanks vary widely in size, so it’s important to think about how you will be using it to determine the size you’ll need. Tools that work in short bursts—an impact wrench, for example—work well with a small tank. Tools that continuously use air such as grinders, spray guns and sand blasters will require a larger tank. If you can’t decide, be safe and go with the one with the larger tank.

As tank size increases, so does the overall size of the compressor.  If you want a big tank but have space concerns, consider a vertical tank instead of a horizontal model. To conserve space, a vertical compressor can be a big bonus when compared to a horizontal unit.

How much power do you need? The CFM and PSI ratings indicate which tools a compressor can operate. Make sure the compressor can supply the amount of air and pressure for your tools. Select a compressor that exceeds the CFM requirement of your most powerful air tool. For example, air hammers, die grinders, drills and ratchets require 4.0 CFM and around 90 PSI. High-speed grinders require 8.0 CFM while sanders are around 6- 7.5 CFM.

Air compressor motors range from simple 110-volt, 1/2-horsepower jobs all the way up to three-phase, 220-240-volt with 25+ horsepower. The electrical service available to your shop dictates the largest compressor you can install. The electricity used in industrial settings is generally three-phase power.

Click here to learn more about how to choose the right size compressor from Industrial Gold.

Once you have decided the right compressor for you, maintaining it is extremely important. Just like changing the oil in your car. Daily usage and vibration of compressors can cause the fittings and bolts to loosen and should be checked when your compressor is serviced. Here are some other preventative measures you should take:

Drain moisture from the tank
Weekly:  Check the pump oil level and top off if necessary
Quarterly: Change oil and filter, check condition and alignment of belt, flywheel and motor pulley, check operation of the safety valve, check pressure switch unloader to ensure the compressor unloads when the motor shuts down and clean dirt and dust from the pump fins and motor.
Every 2,000 Hours: Lubricate electric motor, Inspect and replace (as necessary) the pump valves, check valves, safety valves, pressure gauge, and belt(s).

Why is Industrial Gold one of the manufacturers we choose to offer our clients? We like that they are family-owned and operated since 1996 and they build all of their products with same level of pride and commitment that they started their business with. They make the simplest to operate, easiest to maintain and most reliable compressors on the market today. Simply put, they make a quality compressor at a great price and Tools USA is happy to offer the full line to our customers.

What Does Your Parking Lot Look Like?

car lotWinter is over and the cars damaged due to icy and snowy driving may have your parking lot in overflow mode.  People are ready to have their vehicles repaired and get ready for the nice cruising weather ahead. When there is plenty of work coming your way, you may think you don’t have time for anything else…. but now is the precise time when you should be investing in your shop for even more work down the road.

Ask yourself these checklist questions to make sure your shop is in optimal working mode:

  1. Is your frame straightening equipment working well, or will it hamper the work to be done?
  2. How about the hydraulic equipment and frame machine pulling clamps devices?
  3. Is your spray booth clean and efficient?
  4. Are you painting without a booth?
  5. Do you need another spray booth?
  6. How about smaller items like air compressors, paint mixing rooms, clamps and chains, frame measuring tools and sanding disks?

The best time to invest in your shop is when it you have plenty of work and cash flow coming through the door.  Make plans to improve the productivity and quality of your work NOW, when you don’t need to get a loan or settle for cheaper equipment.

Improving your shop when your competitor down the street doesn’t has a long-lasting impact on the profitability and survivability of your shop. We want to see you busy and in business for a long time to come. Let us help you today.

Visit our sites: Eagle Equipment, Tools USA,

It’s Fix-a-Dent Season!

Car-in-ditchVehicular accidents increase in the winter.  Snow and ice make driving tricky.   Holiday shopping and travel mean extra miles.  Shorter days mean more nighttime driving.   Body shops get busy, and Standard Tools sells more collision repair equipment, including frame pulling systems.  It might help to know your options before you start shopping.

Portable pulling systems are useful as mobile devices for spot-work.  They work by pulling one part of the car against another and can only be used for small jobs, unless a user really is an artist at this kind of work.

Pulling posts are used with anchor pots in the shop floor.  This process dates to the 1920’s and is still used by some shops.  The systems are very robust but can be slow to operate.  Pulls are generally simple and uni-directional.

The Dozer is a rolling main tube with a pivoting vertical tube that pulls a secured chain.  This equipment is very useful on straight pulls on the side or end of a vehicle.  The vertical post rotates for more adjusting, but complex or pulls at an angle to the vehicle must be done in stages.

Our Floor System is a full system with four clamping stands and a rolling vertical pulling post.   The bed is made of six heavy-duty sections that anchor to the shop floor to create a machine bed that is larger than some frame machines.  The system comes with one rolling round pulling tower, but Standard Tools can provide a second tower.  This system is useful for other repair tasks and only sits 4.5” above the floor when not in use.

Standard Tools offers three different frame machines.   The 3003-17 is our entry-level machine that comes ready for any job.  It comes with two 10-ton square towers, four clamp stands and an infinite range of tower locations.  This machine is easy to use and should perform well on most autos and light trucks.  The 3002-18T and 3002-20T frame machines are heavy-duty frame machines designed to repair auto and most pickup trucks.  Rounds towers allow pulls at an angle to the bed, and the ½” bed thickness provides a stable pulling platform.  All three frame machines are tilt-style to allow easy loading of most vehicles.  All three machines work with a wide range of measuring equipment and machine accessories.

If your body shop parking lot is filling with collision work or if it just time to replace a tired frame machine, give us a call.  Our website has plenty of photos and videos to show the quality and features of our systems.  Standard Tools started in business in 1979 supplying collision repair equipment and continues to supply real value to shops who profit by repairing all types of collision damage.


Sure, you can go with the cheapest deal you find online.

Frame Machine, Chassis Machine, Frame Straightener or whatever you want to call them!  In recent years, frame machine choices, prices and quality have changed immensely due to the ever-growing Internet.

The Internet has changed the frame machine market, with one- and two-man operations giving the impression that they are bigger than they are. They want the customer to think that they are viable, multi-location, well-staffed companies.  How can you tell when you’re shopping online, anyway?

With lower-priced import machines flooding the market, who you purchase from is as important, if not more, than what you buy.  You need to research the company that you are planning to purchase from to find out how long the company has been in business, how many employees they have, what type of facility they are operating from, and what level of customer service you can expect.

Sure, you can go with the cheapest deal you find online. But what you will get is very poor quality from an unreliable company. These companies don’t last long, and when they shut down how will you find replacement parts, contact customer service or get product support?

Remember the golden rule, you get what you pay for! Pay the little bit more to get a good machine from a quality company that will stand the test of time in your shop.

Tools USA has been a leader in the industry since 1979, you can trust that we will sell you a quality machine and be here for the many years that it will last you! Read More about Us!

Measuring; Before & After

Allvis in UseCollision repair shops both large and small need accurate measuring capabilities in order to return a customer’s vehicle to pre-crash condition.

The Allvis Computerized Measuring System offers simple, technician-friendly measuring with the capability to print before and after repair reports.The system saves the work orders as JPEG files, making it easy to pull them up in the future. At a price that is affordable to the smaller shop and attractive to the large multi-tech shop, this system offers you a simple, speedy operation.

With the Allvis System shops can meet the print out requirements of many insurance companies to qualify for DRP status, without the $35000 investment.  The Allvis Systems are the most practical , technician friendly systems available.  Any technician regardless of experience can measure, register and print using the Allvis systems.

Buy Before January 1st to Save Thousands.

It’s December already, can you believe it? Where does a year go? With the year coming to a close, you may hear a lot about “Section 179” and how you’re business can benefit if you are looking to purchase some equipment before 2013.

We get just as confused as the next guy when you start talking “tax rate”, “deductions” and “depreciation”. We thought we would do a little research and try to explain how this could be a HUGE benefit to small businesses.

When we say ‘equipment’, we mean any large purchase you buy to benefit your business. Some examples: a paint booth to help your productivity, a car lift to increase your repair business or a frame machine for the busy winter months. If your business needs it to increase business and it’s an ‘investment’, it is most likely included in this category.

You can even finance it in 2013, but write it off in 2012 and save thousands.

So, section179 is what exactly? It’s an incentive created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves. Essentially, Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased (or financed) during the tax year. Wow! The FULL PURCHASE PRICE will be deducted from your gross income. (As long as the total purchase price is less than 139,000.) Continue reading Buy Before January 1st to Save Thousands.

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