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Q: Who is Tools USA?

A: Tools USA is operated by Standard Tools and Equipment Co. Established in 1979 to service the auto body and collision repair industry, Standard Tools and Equipment Co. goes to market as Tools USA and Eagle Equipment, to sell hundreds of products through their mail-order catalog and their various web sites. We have provided unsurpassed service and value-priced quality products for over 30 years. Tools USA started selling direct to body shops and in the early 80's and developed the very first national catalog for the body shop professional. One of the first online sellers for the auto body industry, Tools USA opened their e-commerce site in 1999. Recognized by Google Inc. (1,000,000 Leads Generated), and Internet Retailer (America's Top 500 Largest Retail Web Sites), we have a history as a successful online retailer. Read more about Tools USA.

Q: How can I sign up to get your email specials?

A: Fill out this form and submit! You’ll be added to our email specials and get the best deals from Tools USA first!

Q: Where can I find Tools USA warranty, shipping and return information?

A: Click here to read our warranty information, along with our shipping and delivery information.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Tools USA has relationships with a number of independent leasing companies, including "lease to own" sources, that will provide lease financing for many of our products.

We will direct you to one of our leasing sources. As an initial step, please fill out a preliminary credit application.

Leasing programs for our products are for U.S. based customers.

Please call our credit department at 336-697-7177 for further information.

Q: Do you have a location I can come to?

A: Our corporate office and 70,000 sq. ft. plant is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We manufacture paint booths and warehouse the frame machines and tools that we distribute, so safety of our guests is a number one concern when showing them our premises. We welcome visitors to our offices during normal business hours. Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm eastern standard time. To ensure that there will be someone to help you, please give us a call.

Q: What do I need to know about ordering a Paint Booth from Tools USA?

A: Please click here to read all of our Paint Booth FAQs.

Q: What do I need to know about ordering a Frame Machine from Tools USA?

A: Please click here to read all of our Frame Machine FAQs.

Further questions? Visit our Help Desk or give us a call.


Q: What is the quality and strength of the Tools USA Frame Machines?

A: Our machines are built using only the top quality materials, including 10-ton hydraulics. The Galaxy Frame Machine offers you the quality, features and strength of comparable machines that cost 3 times as much.

Q: What is the warranty on the Tools USA Frame Machines?

A: Each machine is covered by a 5-year warranty. Chains, hydraulics, clamps & accessories are covered by their respective manufacturers’ warranties, which is generally one year.

Q: What is the Galaxy Frame Machine’s capability?

A: Each Galaxy Frame Machine is capable of repairing unibody and full frame vehicles. Adapters are available for full frames and other special holding applications. With 10-tons of pulling power on each post, it can handle even the toughest jobs.

Q: Which frame machine is appropriate for my use?

A: Our 18’ frame machine is value-priced and great for unibody vehicles, trucks and SUVs. Our 18’ elite frame machine is well suited for unibody as well as larger trucks and SUVs. Please call Tools USA for help in selecting the right frame machine for your shop.

Q: Are replacement parts available for Tools USA frame machines and other manufacturers’ machines?

A: We sell and manufacture standard and customized replacement parts for Tools USA frame machines, as well as other manufacturers’ frame machines.

Q: Do your frame machines meet insurance regulations?

A: Most insurance companies require a four-point tie down system and capability of two simultaneous pulls in different directions. A Computerized measuring system capable of before and after repair print out may be required to meet DRP requirements. Tools USA can provide you with both.

Q: Are the towers attached to the frame machine?

A: Yes, our machines use a bearing supported “clear floor” tower design that travels unobstructed 360 degrees around the machine.

Q: Can Tools USA customize my frame machine (different lengths, heights, widths, extra towers)?

A: No. However, we offer two 18’ models, each with two towers as standard equipment. Additional pulling towers are available.

Q: What are the lead times for a Tools USA frame machine?

A: We generally have models in stock. Shipping times vary based on geographical location, weather conditions and trucking company schedules. Please call us for specific shipping information and a shipping quote.

Q: How do you ship your frame machines?

A: Frame machines must ship via flatbed truck due to the size of the equipment and for ease of unloading. Please note that the customer is responsible for unloading and installing the frame machine. Unloading will require a forklift or similar equipment (wrecker with extendable boom, crane). Our frame machines are shipped 90% assembled.

Q: How do Tools USA frame machines compare to other machines on the market?

A: Tools USA Galaxy Frame Machines are comparable in quality, features and strength to machines that cost three times as much. We are confident that they will stand the test of time, for many years to come. We are the industry leader offering unsurpassed customer service and support. We stand behind our products. We want you to be pleased with your machine and your buying experience with Tools USA. We have been in the business of satisfying our customers for over thirty years.

Q: Will Tools USA consider trade-ins?

A: Due to the tremendous transportation cost of this type of equipment, we are limited on our capability to accept trade-ins. We will however make every effort to help sell your old machine if we are unable to offer you an acceptable trade in price.

Q: Is there leasing information? How does the lease work?

A: Tools USA offers lease/purchase financing with terms from 12 to 60 months and end of lease purchase options of $1 or 10% of the original purchase price. Ask your accountant which program would most benefit your operation. Contact us for more information. Fill out a lease application now.

Paint Booth FAQs

Paint Booth Quotes

Q: How can I get a quote on a booth from Tools USA?

A: Standard booth pricing is available on our Web site. To receive a quick quote, simply call us or email sales@standardtool.com.

Q: What are the differences between the types of paint booths?

A: The differences are primarily in the airflow as well as the size of the paint booth. We offer quality paint booths for all industrial coating and spray application including: auto body shop paint booths, motorcycle paint booths, truck paint booths, industrial paint booths, and furniture or woodworking spray booths. Read all the different types of paint booths.

Manufacturing & Customization

Q: Who manufactures your paint booths?

A: We do! Standard Tools and Equipment Co. has been manufacturing paint booths at our plant in Greensboro, North Carolina since 1997. Our expert team builds thousands of high quality paint booths each year.

Q: What if I need some modifications to a standard spray paint booth?

A: Since we manufacture our booths, our team of engineers can modify the design to fit your requirements. Over 50% of the booths we sell have some level of customization. With our manufacturing experience and volume, we are able to offer customization at reasonable pricing.

Q: How can you customize my paint booth?

A: We can add extra height & length, extra lighting, inside access lights, white powder coat, bi-fold or tri-fold spray booth doors, drive-thru doors, rear exhaust, air make-up unit, and HEPA filters.

Q: How long does it take for delivery of my paint booth after I place my order?

A: Stock paint booths ship the next day and custom paint booths in 3-5 business days or less. Your booth will be delivered in 10 business days or less, in most cases.

Order, Options and Requirements

Q: Do you sell ETL-listed paint booths?

A: Yes, many of our standard paint booths are available as ETL approved and listed, and are noted on our Web site.

Q: Do your paint booths meet "code"?

A: Our paint booths are manufactured and designed for code approval. Our models are manufactured from materials that comply with the National Board of Fire Underwriters, as recommended by the 2011 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA33) requirements. Additional requirements may include automatically actuated 'flags' that initiate the fire suppression system in case of fire, having an audible alarm system and performing emergency shutdowns. It may also include buying the booth from a certified manufacturer, having the booth inspected and installation by licensed contractor.

Our booths are also built to comply with OSHA guidelines. We recommend checking with your local authorities (fire marshal) as to any local electrical or fire code requirements. Our electrical components are UL-listed.

Click here for more information on paint booth codes, regulations & fire protection standards.

Q: Do I need a fire suppression system?

A: The requirements vary by location; we recommend checking with your local authorities. These optional systems may be included in your financing or leasing, if needed.

Q: How much airflow does my paint booth require?

A: OSHA and NFPA have minimum airflow requirements in order to lower the concentration of flammable materials. More current codes require four air exchanges per minute for wet or solvent-based paints. Our paint booths meet these requirements. When purchasing your paint booth, be sure the size of the booth will allow for adequate airflow. For more information visit our paint booth blog post "How much airflow does my paint booth require?"

Q: What is not included in your paint booths?

A: Fluorescent light bulbs are not included because they are prone to breakage in shipping. Exhaust ductwork is only available as an add-on component. ETL listed electric control panels are also offered as an optional add-on.

Q: What is paint booth ground-level ozone?

A: Ground-level ozone refers to the environmental impact caused by the paint booth process. Each state's requirements vary. You can review your state by searching online for "spray booth + ozone + (your state)".

Ozone emissions are reduced by:

  • Selecting paints/solvents with a low volatile organic compound
  • Mixing as little paint as required for the job
  • Keeping the paint storage clean
  • Changing paint booth exhaust filters
  • Eliminating used rags & paint cans
  • Ensuring proper maintenance of your paint booth
  • Adequately training employees.

Shipping, Warranty and Returns FAQ’s

Q: How will we unload the shipping crate containing the paint booth?

A: We utilize commercial freight carriers to ship your paint booth. You will need a rollback truck or a forklift with a dock for unloading. You have 30 days to open the crate and inspect for damages and report to our customer service department.

Q: What is the warranty period?

A: The standard warranty is 1 year on the fan/motor and light fixtures, and 5 years on the paint booth.

Installation of the Paint Booth

Q: Explain paint booth exhaust/duct work requirements.

A: An optional exhaust/ductwork system is recommended to exhaust fumes outside your building. This is optional with the purchase of our paint booth. Our exhaust/duct work packages provide straight ducting (no elbows), roof mounting and a weather head.

Q: Can your paint booth be used outside?

A: No. Our paint booths are manufactured for an enclosed area away from the weather.

Q: How will I assemble and install my paint booth?

A: Each paint booth comes with assembly instructions and labeled panels for easy assembly and installation. Self-installation typically takes two days. You will need a licensed electrician to wire and connect your power source.
Click here to watch a quick video on how our paint booths are assembled.