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Air Compressors

7517 air compressorCompressed air may not sound very important to most people but it is life’s blood of a collision repair facility due to the fact that most of the tools that are used to repair, paint and finish a vehicle are powered by compressed air. Many shops have more technicians than their compressor can supply which causes delays and lost productivity.  Higher end shops are leaning toward the Rotary Screw Compressors due to the higher duty cycles.

When deciding on a new compressor for your shop you can use a simple formula to calculate the required CFM (cubic feet per minute).  Collision Repair Facilities will need 8 CFM per Technician and Automotive Repair Facilities will require 5 CFM per Tech.  Some shops may require more or less air so this should be considered as a guideline.

It is also a good idea to run more than one compressor so that your shop could operate on a limited capacity  rather come to a full stop if you happen encounter compressor problems.

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