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Vehicles are fighting to become the best in their feature offerings. Technology is bringing more and more “hands-free” this and “touch-screen” that…. It seems that we will soon have cars that can even think on their own! With all of these techy gadgets and time-saving devices comes a higher chance of damaging something in just a minor collision. Gone are the days where it was just a “fender bender” … a little bump affects the car’s core and all of these modern devices.

Many times, the extent of the damages is not discovered until the repairs have begun…. dragging out the repair time, raising the repair costs and causing frustration in customers.

In a world full of technology, customers and insurance companies expect more than repairs based on strings, tape measures or basic old fashioned measuring systems.  So, what is the solution? Computerized electronic measuring systems offer tremendous accuracy and will detect damage that visual inspections miss. With this technology, shops are able to compare each measurement to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and display any difference, enabling the technician to make needed adjustments. As an added bonus, they provide the proper repair documentation required by most insurance companies.

Until recently, these systems were out of reach for the small and mid-size shops due to the high price tag ($25,000 to $40,000).  Not only where they pricey, but so complicated that it required extensive training, limiting the number of technicians that could actually use the system. With this added training and the regular software updates, thousands of dollars were added to the lifetime cost of these system.

Meet JNE, one of the leading international companies in the market of universal measuring systems for the collision repair industry. They introduced the Allvis, Allvis Light and Allvis Tech Systems… making computerized measuring affordable for every shop. Systems are reasonably priced at $4500 and $7999, including frame data and the computer program. If a shop can utilize a current database, the system options are priced at $999 and $1999.  All systems have print out capability or a job can be saved as a PDF document for emailing and reference. These systems are very simple to operate; every technician in the shop can use the system regardless of experience.

If you’re a shop owner, implement a computerized measuring system to provide your technicians the satisfaction of knowing that their repair quality and accuracy has been improved and the time spent on repairs has been reduced.


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