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Vehicles are fighting to become the best in their feature offerings. Technology is bringing more and more “hands-free” this and “touch-screen” that…. It seems that we will soon have cars that can even think on their own! With all of these techy gadgets and time-saving devices comes a higher chance of damaging something in just a minor collision. Gone are the days where it was just a “fender bender” … a little bump affects the car’s core and all of these modern devices.

Many times, the extent of the damages is not discovered until the repairs have begun…. dragging out the repair time, raising the repair costs and causing frustration in customers.

In a world full of technology, customers and insurance companies expect more than repairs based on strings, tape measures or basic old fashioned measuring systems.  So, what is the solution? Computerized electronic measuring systems offer tremendous accuracy and will detect damage that visual inspections miss. With this technology, shops are able to compare each measurement to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and display any difference, enabling the technician to make needed adjustments. As an added bonus, they provide the proper repair documentation required by most insurance companies.

Until recently, these systems were out of reach for the small and mid-size shops due to the high price tag ($25,000 to $40,000).  Not only where they pricey, but so complicated that it required extensive training, limiting the number of technicians that could actually use the system. With this added training and the regular software updates, thousands of dollars were added to the lifetime cost of these system.

Do you like to sit and watch paint dry?

We didn’t think so…. that’s why Standard Tools offers items to make the paint drying easier and faster. We suggest adding a heated air makeup unit like this one to your semi-down and/or side-downdraft spray booth. You can also invest in a UV light system to be added to an existing spray booth.  If you work with waterborne finishes, look into our Air Accelerators and Air Dryers to expedite the curing time by up to 70%.

Contact our Sales Team online or at 800-451-2425 for more information on how you can do more painting and less watching it dry!

How do rising gas prices affect your business?

We have all heard the recent news of petroleum prices increasing and potential gas prices of $5 per gallon by 2013.  One question to answer is how this increase affects other prices.  When gasoline prices hit $4 per gallon in 2008, steel prices jumped 80% in four months.  The costs of mining, refining, processing and transporting the steel were all affected by increased petroleum prices.  Prices increased dramatically during this period even though demand decreased.  If the ‘experts’ are correct about petroleum prices then the prices for all steel items will increase.  Companies simply can’t absorb cost increases of such levels.

Visit your local new vehicle dealer.  All of the vehicles are priced 20% or higher than last year’s models.  The prices are offset with significant rebates, up to $10,000 for an F-150!  The automobile manufacturers and dealers expect their costs to increase in the next months.  Those vehicles still sitting on the lot when fuel prices rise will have the original price in the windows, but the rebates will be long gone.

Standard Tools knows that buying one of their spray booths, mixing rooms, frame machines, lifts or other similar products now, rather than later, is the best bet.  Buying before the prices are raised even higher ensures that you obtain your equipment and can start making profit by now.  Call our sales team at 800-451-2425 for more information!

Spray Booths – Domestic or Imported

Written by:Tracy Beach
Plant Manager at Standard Tools & Equipment Co.

On a recent shopping trip to buy name brand jeans, I found that almost all of them were made in China, Mexico, Egypt, Lesotho and Haiti. We live in a global market. It’s often easier for a consumer to purchase a product from a foreign country than down the street from where they live. Let’s face it, it is just cheaper for the company in material and labor costs! But sometimes the initial savings do not necessarily mean that you save money. Spray booths are a great example, let me explain.

Continue reading Spray Booths – Domestic or Imported

From “Homemade” to “Ready-to-go”: the 4 Spray Booth Options for You

Written by:Tracy Beach
Plant Manager at Standard Tools & Equipment Co.

For many years shop owners designed and built their own spray booths.  Over time a small number of manufacturers realized that they could design, make and sell booths that were more efficient, safer and ready to build.  Standards were written to define the requirements of these units.  Standard Tools is a in the spray booth industry today because of the level of quality in their products.

The sales and engineering team at Standard Tools can talk with you if you are researching the prospect of getting a new spray booth.  We can save you a great deal of stress, time and money while providing an efficient and safe spray booth.  Continue reading From “Homemade” to “Ready-to-go”: the 4 Spray Booth Options for You


Tools USA and Paint-Booths will be attending FABTECH 2010.  FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, finishing and welding event with over 1,000 exhibiting companies.

FABTECH Location

Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, Georgia
November 2-4, 2010

Be Advised – The New NESHAP rules could affect your business!!

New NESHAP 6-H RULE – Paint Stripping and Various Spraying Operations
The National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) is the air quality division of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  NESHAP defined new air quality requirements for surface coating and paint stripping operations in 2008. It becomes enforceable at the end of 2010.  This new rule defines a form that has to be submitted for new or modified spray and stripping operations for vehicles and mobile equipment.  The forms and requirements are available on-line through your local EPA office at Continue reading Be Advised – The New NESHAP rules could affect your business!!

Going “GREEN” – Our History and Getting Started in Your Shop

Have you every built a deck, a table or a fence only to find out that you wasted 30, 40, or even 50% of the material purchased due to poor planning and design?

Standard Tools and Equipment Co. has been making collision repair equipment, spray booths and dust collectors since 1979. We have refined our processes and equipment to result in a waste level of only 7%.  Scrap steel is sent back to the mill to be processed into new steel; scrap wood is ground up by a recycler for use in chipboard products; and hazardous wastes are processed by federal government-approved waste handlers.
Continue reading Going “GREEN” – Our History and Getting Started in Your Shop

Autobody Equipment Financing

Tools USA now offers financing on a paint booth, frame machine or multi item purchases!  To take advantage of our new program, please call 800-451-2425.

To be approved for the financing, qualified customers must meet the following criteria:  1. located in EST zone, 2. acceptable credit, 3. agree to ACH monthly drafts,  4. minimum of 40% down payment, and 5. must finance $3000 which would require an order of $5000.

Financing rates will be between 10-14% with 24, 36, and 48 month lease options with a $1 buy-out.

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