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Going “GREEN” – Our History and Getting Started in Your Shop

Have you every built a deck, a table or a fence only to find out that you wasted 30, 40, or even 50% of the material purchased due to poor planning and design?

Standard Tools and Equipment Co. has been making collision repair equipment, spray booths and dust collectors since 1979. We have refined our processes and equipment to result in a waste level of only 7%.  Scrap steel is sent back to the mill to be processed into new steel; scrap wood is ground up by a recycler for use in chipboard products; and hazardous wastes are processed by federal government-approved waste handlers.

The reality of maintaining a manufacturing plant in the 21st century is that a manufacturing plant has to be a good neighbor.  Standard Tools installed a powder coating system in 2007 to migrate painting parts away from the solvent-based coating process that has many more restrictions and costs.  All materials are reviewed for a suitable waste process and VOC amounts prior to purchasing.  Employees are routinely trained on waste disposal and scrap ratios are measured to ensure that processes are as waste-free as possible.  Our staff welcomes new technologies and methods that can reduce wastes.

Waste is defined as material that is left over, unused or rejected.  How much waste do you have in your current shop?
Simple Steps to Make Your Shop “GREENER”:

  • Review the types of materials purchased and focus on hazardous items. For example, there are many green painting products on the market (low VOC, powder, and waterborne paint).
  • Review the quantities of materials purchased. Even though materials may cost less if bought in bulk, they often degrade before use when over-purchased.
  • Watch your disposal points: Trash cans, dumpsters and hazardous waste containers
  • Communicate with employees. Their attitude towards waste directly affects your bottom line.
  • Benchmark all processes to identify which processes have the greatest potential for savings.
  • Make a plan. Start simple with the mixture process of paints, the allocation of raw materials, or the amount of masking and cleaning materials used for a specific paint job.

Our federal government did us an unknown favor by making our currency green.  It should help to remind us that going green reduces the waste in our shop AND it saves us money.  Going green will initially require your time and effort but it will boost your shop morale and most likely result in significant savings.  Every shop is capable of this win-win process.  Get started today!

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