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Fire Prevention in Spray Booths

Top 10 Really Bad Ideas for Spray Booths (or What a great way to have a fire!!)

  1. Using any electrical device in a paint booth.
  2. Thinking how cool it would be to have an electrical outlet in the spray booth wall.
  3. Smoking in a spray paint booth.
  4. Grinding or welding in a paint booth.
  5. Not using a licensed electrical contractor to wire the booth lights and fan.
  6. Not performing routine maintenance of cleaning the walls/ceilings/floor or changing filters.
  7. Not installing an automatic fire suppression system.
  8. Not assembling the spray booth as shown in the manual.
  9. Using your spray booth to store excessive paint or other combustible materials.
  10. Not training your booth operators about fire safety.

The NFPA-33 standard defines the safety requirements for spray booths.  This standard is available through Techstreet.  This is a good investment that will save you money, but you might not have that great fire story to tell your friends.

Shop Paint Booths at Tools USA.

Is your Auto Body Collision Shop “Going Green”?

Tell us about how your auto body shop is “going green”.

Post a comment to tell us what you are doing to help the environment.

There are several ways shops can participate in helping the environment and save on expenses.

1. Solar Power – Auto Body Shops should consider heating the shop with solar power. The shop facility will need to be located in direct sunlight away from shaded trees in order to benefit from this type of power. Installation of solar power panels can be costly but tax credits might be available to offset some of the cost.

2. Heated Shop Flooring – Auto Body Shops in colder climates should consider installing a water heated floor. This will allow the work area inside the booth to stay warmer for potentially less cost. As gas and electricity costs rise, heating a shop can become more expensive. Since hot air rises, heating the floor makes sense!

3. Recycle – Recycle scrap metal and other body shop materials some of which can be sold for income.

4. Energy Efficient Spray Booth Equipment – Install energy efficient new technology paint booth equipment.

Email to inquire about the efficiencies in newer equipment.

Spray Booth and Paint Booth Filters

Spray Booth Filters need to be changed regularly to maintain operational efficiencies for your Paint Booth.

The following are the different type of paint booth filters:

1. Exhaust Filters – Trap any leftover pollutants prior to the air entering the atmosphere.  These spray booth filters are typically changed after 50-100 working hours.

2. Intake Filters – Cleans the air coming into the spray booth.

Shop Paint Booth Filters at Tools USA.

For further questions, contact or call 1-800-451-2425.

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