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Spray Booth and Paint Booth Filters

Spray Booth Filters need to be changed regularly to maintain operational efficiencies for your Paint Booth.

The following are the different type of paint booth filters:

1. Exhaust Filters – Trap any leftover pollutants prior to the air entering the atmosphere.  These spray booth filters are typically changed after 50-100 working hours.

2. Intake Filters – Cleans the air coming into the spray booth.

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For further questions, contact or call 1-800-451-2425.

2 thoughts on “Spray Booth and Paint Booth Filters”

    1. The hours are based on averages of use and efficiency. Our 20″x20″ paint booth filters
      need to be changed when filled with around 1.5-2 lbs of overspray.

      Application efficiency greatly extends filter life.
      -Undersized spray booth: If an obstruction of more than 50% of the booth cross
      section is placed in the booth, then the linear air flow increases past 200
      feet per minute. This decreases application efficiency dramatically and is
      a matter of selecting the correctly sized booth, not controlling air flow.
      -Material being sprayed: Older military finishes are typically less
      efficient. Refer to your paint supplier for efficient paints.
      -Number of coats: Spraying multiple lighter coats is usually more efficient
      than spraying a single heavy coat.

      The 50 and 100 figures are provided as averages for shops with lower and
      higher application efficiencies. High-end shops may choose to change filters
      with each color change to prevent contamination.

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