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System for Cleaning Paint Booth Air

Tools USA responded to a question on a Collision Hub Blog that we wanted to share on our blog.

The paint booth user needed to replace their system for cleaning air used in their spray booth.  One company suggested they would need a refrigerated dryer.

Air refrigerators and air conditioners are equipment used for extreme environment conditions or super-sensitive spray applications. Some of these conditions may be very long periods of super-high humidity, very dirty air supplies, and nano-technology paint materials.

There are spray booths in all parts of the USA, spraying the vast majority of paints and powders, without using this expensive high-end equipment.

We recommend our most popular dryer “THE EVAPORATOR 10 LB DESICCANT AIR DRYER“. We sell a lot of these to shops for use on their paint booth just for cleaning the air prior to going into their paint gun.

Here are some of the benefits of this dryer.

• Oil-free air
• Super low relative humidity – 1.5%
• Can be mounted on wall or floor
• No electrical parts or motors to explode
• 95 times dryer than a MOTO GUARD filter
• 81 times dryer than a LAMANS Filter/Dryer
• 81 times dryer than a DeVILBLISS Filter/Dryer
• 26 times dryer than a REFRIGERATED Dryer based on 70 F entering air 100PSI

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