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Frame machines are designed to hold a vehicle in place while the damage is hydraulically removed. There are two main styles of frame machines that come in many configurations. The drive on platform style machine (frame rack) and the drive over European style machine (frame bench). There are stationary bed, tilt bed and multiple height machines. The machine that works best for your operation may be determined by the type repairs that you do. Rebuilders may need three or more towers and a heavy duty machine were as the regular body/collision repair shop will normally only need two towers and a general duty machine.


Most of the frame machines sold in the United States today are manufactured in China, including some of the well known names that have been around for years, always ask where the machine is built. This does not mean that the equipment is not well made or sub standard but you do need to know that there are varying degrees of quality. The higher quality Chinese equipment is a tremendous value and will give you years of service. Standard Tool is one of a very limited number of companies that manufactures frame machines in the United States. We offer our Galaxy Ultraliner series import for our value minded customer but we still build our Star Rack and Galaxy machines in North Carolina.


There are many different size frame machines available that will allow you to accommodate various size cars, trucks and SUV’s . Standard Tool/Tools USA also has the capability to build custom size machines when there is a space limitation. Passenger vehicles and trucks up to short bed extended cab (18’) can be repaired on a 17, 18’ or 20’ bed where the long bed crew cab trucks (23’) will require a 22’ machine.


A Frame machine is not a piece of equipment that you should attempt to operate without proper training.


When you are shopping for a frame machine you should research the company that you are considering purchasing from. If you search the internet for frame machine you will be find many offerings. You want to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable seller, this is extremely important. You want to select a supplier that has a long history in the industry and extensive knowledge of their products. There are a lot of one and two man shows selling equipment over the Internet that will not be there or will be unwilling to help when you need customer service after the sale. Like anything else you are purchasing, you want to be sure that you are buying from a company who knows what they are doing. In the market today, it is easy to find places to buy equipment that is not going to be of the quality that you expect, the lowest price is not always the best buy. This means that you need to research the company background and the equipments reputation that you plan to purchase.

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