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Why do I need a Spray Booth at all?

This actually is a very common question even from people who have been painting for years.

A spray booth:

– provides exhaust filters and air flow that moves overspray-laden air away from your parts being coated so that you can see clearer and work more quickly

– provides the overspray-laden air (toxic and combustible) to be filtered and vented out of your shop which greatly reduces the potential for fire or explosion

– filters the incoming air to remove dust from sanding or other processes to help produce a cleaner finish (requires intake filters)

– provides lighting onto the object being painted

– provides a structure for containing and suppressing a fire

– provides a process for expediting flash-off and curing if used with a heated air-makeup unit

OSHA code requires a spray booth or spray room with proper ventilation and fire protection for ANY spray operation of combustible materials beyond the simple spray can per day of touch up tasks.  Worker’s comp insurers generally require a spray booth for production-level painting.  Tools USA provides cost-effective paint booths designed to exceed OSHA and federal spray process requirements.

We never hear customers who have bought their first paint booth say “I wish that I had never bought a spray booth and had just continued to spray in the open area of my shop.”   Buying a spray booth is an investment with significant rewards in efficiency, quality and safety.

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