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PAINT BOOTH Assembly Comparison

“TEK” SCREW ASSEMBLY vs. nut and bolt!

What’s the difference in assembling my Spray Booth?

First of all, beware of the salesman double talk. Keep in mind that if a company can’t compete in the market with price, delivery and quality, than they have to find another way. Misinformation is just one of those ways.

 Assembly for Paint Booths manufactured by Standard Tools & Equipment / Tools USA

Clamp the panels, then use an electric drill with a hex nut bit to run a self-drilling high quality “TEK” screw in about every 6 to 8 inches on the panel flange.

When the assembly is complete, caulk the seams when you are done.

It’s that easy!  Screws won’t back out or loosen like a nut and bolt might have a tendency to do over time.  These types of screws are designed for use specifically in sheet metal.  They are used in vehicles, metal buildings and other applications with significant stress and vibration.

Assembly for Spray Booths manufactured or distributed by others… 

First, hope all the holes line up on an uneven floor, clamp it (same as ours), then put a bolt and washer in the hole, lock washer and nut on the back side, then take a wrench and ratchet and hand tighten each and every last one.

Then just like the “Tek” screw assembly, caulk the seams when your done.

Actually it is almost double the assembly time and it is tougher to install when reaching across a 4’ ceiling panel with both hands rather than the one required to install a “Tek” Screw.

I know, because I have installed both kinds.

Neither hardware option is a ‘bad’ assembly technique. 

The nut and bolt requires pre-punched holes that may or may not align during the installation process and increases the assembly difficulty ultimately adding to the cost of the Paint Booth and the installation.

We have tried both techniques and believe that the “Tek” screw method has the most advantages for you, the customer, and allows Tools USA to provide the most competitive pricing.

I hope this info will help you make an informed decision.  If you would like to discuss more, call me at 1-800-451-2425.  Kelly G.

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