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What is really involved with installing a Spray Booth?

A spray booth is a system made of several components.  There is the paint booth structure with exhaust fans and possibly an air make-up unit.  The spray booth will need electrical controls, compressed air supply and exhaust ducting.  Most locations require automatic fire suppression protection.  Permitting and insurance are also required for most paint booths.

There are 2 main options for getting a spray booth in your shop. You can spend a large amount of money to have all of this done for you. Alternatively, you can save a good deal of money by doing the installation yourself.

The least expensive method of getting a spray booth installed includes:

  • completing the permit application yourself with the help of your local inspector & fire marshall
  • assembling the paint booth yourself (This takes 2-3 men, 2-3 days with most automotive-sized booths assuming limited equipment)
  • building the exhaust ductwork yourself from a pre-designed kit (if allowed in your location)
  • contracting certified installers for fire protection & electrical work
  • installing the compressed air system (compressor, dryer, lines, connections) yourself

Doing some of this work yourself can save thousands of dollars and get the paint booth in operation based on your schedule, not that of someone else. Please visit our website,  or call us (1-800-451-2425) to get more information about building your spray booth.

For industrial paint booths and woodworking spray booths, visit us at our sister site


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