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Spray Booth Customization

The following items are typical options to a spray booth.  A description and factors about justification and costs are included for reference.

Modifying a standard design can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your spray paint booth and is usually due to the building restraints or vehicle/part/rack requirements.  Many of the spray booths made by Tools USA have one, two or more of the following modifications.

1)     Extra height

  • Commonly one or two feet for a spray booth up to automotive size to allow for tall vehicles, parts or part racks.
  • Over two feet often requires extra structural integrity (structural frames or beams).
  • Adding to the height of a spray booth can require more total air to be exhausted to maintain linear air flow performance.

2)     Extra length

  • Standard panels of 24″, 34″ or 44″ width allow for longer vehicles, parts or racks, or more access around the item(s) being coated.
  • Extra length in side-down draft spray booths may require more total fans to maintain safe air flow performance.

3)     Extra lights

  • Tools USA has designed our standard spray booths to have adequate lights and light placement for most applications.
  • Extra lights can add to the total effectiveness of the booth for oddly shaped items or in the case of adding extra length to the spray booth.
  • The standard lights (Class 2, Div II) are required by NFPA-33 to be no less than 36″ from any opening in the spray booth (doors, open-face, conveyor openings).
  • See ‘Whitecoat’ below

4)     Inside-access lights

  • Inside-access lights are Class 1, Division II.  These lights are used for three main reasons:
    • The spray booth will be placed against a wall which limits the access for changing bulbs.
    • The spray booth is to be designed with a light less than 36″ from a spray booth opening (door, open-face, conveyor cutout).
    • The inside-access lights allow changing of bulbs from inside the spray booth.
  • Inside-access lights require different mounting than standard lights so the entire panel has to be designed for this type of light.
  • Inside-access lights are significantly more costly than standard lights.

5)     White Powder Coat

  • This process is a high-gloss, smooth white powder coat.
  • This finish provides a high-gloss surface inside of the spray paint booth that reflects the illumination from the lights.
  • This finish does not provide any more rust prevention than the galvanized finish on the standard wall panels.
  • This finish does provide a more professional and detailed appearance.

6)     Bi-fold doors

  • Bi-fold doors are hinged in the middle.
  • Bi-fold doors allow easier opening of the doors in a confined area.
  • Bi-fold doors allow the weight of the open door to closer to the jamb and is the preferred design for doors over 65″ wide.

7)     Tri-Fold doors

  • Tri-fold doors are a bi-fold door and a single-wide door in place of two single-wide doors
  • Tri-fold doors allow easy access to the spray booth.

8)     Drive-thru doors

  • Drive-thru doors allow the vehicle, part or part rack to pass through the spray booth.  These are typically used in industrial situations where staging of parts is more typical.
  • Drive-thru doors can affect the efficiency and overall height of the spray booth if the exhaust plenum has to be modified for height requirements of the door.

9)     Rear exhaust

  • This design allows the fan to be mounted on the back wall of the spray booth instead of the top.
  • This design is most commonly used in low ceiling buildings or when a duct already exists for exhaust out of a wall.

10)  Air Make-up Unit

  • This unit allows air to be supplied to the intake of a spray booth either from the outside of the building (most common) or inside the building.
  • The air temperature can be increased by up to 100-degree F (for most applications) to allow use of cold outside air and/or to expedite the flash-off and curing process.
  • The units are costly but can dramatically increase the efficiency of the spraying and curing process.

11) HEPA Filter

  • This filter unit allows exhausted air to be returned to inside of the building.
  • This unit applies only to powder coating or media blasting operations.
  • This unit does not apply to solvent-based or water-based spraying operations.

Paint Booth, ETL-Listed Available

What is ETL?

ETL is an international third-party contractor that tests and verifies that products meets specific codes.  NFPA-33 is the National Fire Prevention Agency’s Standard for Spray Application of Flammable or Combustible Materials.  It is the nationally recognized code that defines the requirements for a spray booth and paint mixing room.  Tools USA offers an optional ETL kit for a wide variety of paint booths that includes the recognized ETL label and the hardware that complies with the certification.

What does this kit do for the Customer?

Buying an ETL kit with the spray booth means that the booth will come with a label to signify to any inspector, fire marshal, or insurance agent that the paint booth or mixing room complies with NFPA-33.  The materials, air flow, electrical components and functioning of the booth have been qualified by an experienced and certified expert for compliance to NFPA-33.

A major part of the kit is the electrical control panel which makes it easy to control the lights and fan, has built-in timers to purge the paint booth of vapors and has the proper magnetic starter matched to the fan and motor.  It is a good investment for safe use of the paint booth and will extend the life of your booth.

Our most commonly purchased booths are included: 

Many of these standard booths can be ETL-labeled with changes in size and other modifications.  This kit is not available for booths that have been powdercoated.

CF-1000 (cross-flow)

SD-1000 (semi-down draft)

SDD-1000 (side-down draft)

OFB-1000 and IPW-1000 (open face booths)

MR-1000 (mixing room)

What does this ETL kit include?

This kit includes:

  • ETL label
  • Electrical control box (for lights and fan motor, includes 3-minute fan motor delay)
  • Limit switch for each door
  • RedHat solenoid valve

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