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From time to time, our Customer Service Department receives calls to help identify a replacement automotive component part.

As an example, we’ll use our 4400 Power Puller Package.  Let’s say our customer, Mr. Smith calls to report he needs “the whatchamacallit on the upright piece that holds the chain.”

From a customer service perspective, the part Mr. Smith needs could be one of 3 things: the chain stop or one of the pulleys.  After asking Mr. Smith several questions to determine what he needs, we hit a brick wall, so on to Plan B.

This plan works every time!  What plan, you might ask?  Our ToolsUSA website.  You will be directed to go our website, while we remain on the line with you.  In the search box on the left side of the homepage, type in the automotive part number then, click “GO”.

The next page will display product info, pricing and a picture of the product in question.  By clicking on the small picture of the product, you can view a larger picture. While your customer service associate remains on the line, you can describe in more detail the automotive part you need.  If you do not have access to a computer, we can fax a picture of the item to you.  Simply circle the part you need and fax it back to us.

Another useful strategy is using your cell phone or digital camera.  By taking a picture of the item and emailing it to us, we can quickly determine what to send you.

In Mr. Smith’s case, we determined that he actually needs the chain stop, which screws into the ram at the top of the post.  Problem solved!

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