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So Many Spray Booth Companies…What’s the difference?

Choosing a company to buy your spray booth from can be very confusing, even to people with a good deal of experience in the industry.  The following notes should help you understand that differences in these groups and what jobbers and re-sellers have to offer.

  1. Economy – This is your simple shop that is going to provide the basic structure along with filters, a fan and lights.  These shops are very basic with the company owner often selling and designing the paint booths.  Most of these shops have no computer-driven design or manufacturing so quality can be an issue.  These shops do not offer spray booths with well developed manuals or ETL certified spray booths.  A basic automotive paint booth in this category may sell for $6,000 with little technical or permitting support and a lower quality of components.
  2. Value – This next level of spray booth manufacturer uses CAD systems to design products to nationally-recognized standards and computer-driven equipment to make high-quality components.  The paint booth designs and finishes are kept functional but compliant to NFPA, OSHA and IFC standards.  These spray booths usually have higher quality due to the technologies used by the manufacturer, larger quantities of manufacturing and technical direction from certification agencies.  Tools USA manufactures spray booths and paint mixing rooms that fit into this category.  Tools USA offers its CF-1000 automotive spray booth for $5,799 plus the optional $1,500 ETL kit that makes the permitting process and electrical contracting process much simpler.  The return on investment is dramatically better than a spray booth from either other category of manufacturer as problems and initial costs are minimized.
  3. Plus – This top-level of spray booth manufacturer provides many extras that may or may not add real value to the paint booth.  Basement style floors, high-end hardware, submarine glass and insulated walls add extreme costs to the spray booth price but may not improve the quality or productivity of a spray booth.  These companies often have high administrative costs with extensive over the road sales reps and engineers.  These companies do not advertise the price of their products as their goal is to maximize the entire project.  An automotive paint booth made by these firms can cost $30,000 or more.
  4. Jobbers – These firms will install a spray booth into a Customer’s facility.  They may purchase from only one source, or they may choose from a range of manufacturers based on pricing, product and availability.  Some jobbers will provide all of the permitting, fire suppression and ducting services.  They tend to be local to the Customer’s site.  Quality and dependability of the manufacturer is a significant factor as these firms will not work with manufacturers that cannot perform well on a repeat basis.   Tools USA sells many spray booths through Jobbers on a repeat basis.
  5. Distributor – These firms simply sell the spray booths made by other companies.  They are very similar to Jobbers, except that they do not perform any of the installation or permitting tasks.  Tools USA also sells many spray booths to distributors.

So here are the questions that you should answer before choosing a plan to get a spray booth into your shop:

Do I take my chances on buying the cheapest paint booth that meets my needs?

Do I spend an extravagant amount on features that do not improve productivity or quality?

Do I buy from an experienced manufacturer who has invested in product design and testing and up-to-date manufacturing processes?

Do I buy directly, or do I need some level of assistance to get the spray booth operational?

Do I buy directly, or is there value in working with a paint booth distributor?

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